Single Keg Kit – Build Your Own

From: $110.80
Get it all at once!
• Choose a keg
• Choose CO2 or nitrogen
• Choose a regulator
• Add liquid and gas lines
• Add a spare O-ring kit


Build Your Own Single Keg Kit

The single keg kit – build your own makes it easy to pick and choose the items you need for your keg setup.

Single Keg Kit Components

Kegs – choose from:

Gas cylinders: your choice of CO2 cylinders in new 5 lb. aluminum cylinder, new 10 lb. aluminum cylinder, new 10 lb. aluminum cylinder with handle, new 20 lb. aluminum cylinder; nitrogen cylinders in 20 cu. ft. steel or new 22 cu. ft. aluminum.

Regulators: High-quality single-gauge or dual-gauge Taprite CO2 regulators or a dual gauge nitrogen regulator.

Gas and Liquid Lines: Pre-assembled gas and liquid lines ready to hook up with quick disconnects in your choice of barbed or threaded fittings. Liquid lines include disconnect, 5′ of 3/16″ NSF-approved food-safe tubing with all hose clamps, barb swivels as required, and a picnic faucet. Gas lines include disconnect, 4′ of 5/16″ NSF-approved food-safe tubing with all hose clamps, and barb swivels as required.

O-Ring Kits: To keep that keg sealed tight, add on your choice of replacement ball lock or pin lock O-ring kits.

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