Sankey Kegs

When you think of a keg, you likely imagine the Sankey. Timeless and durable, Sankey kegs are ideal for craft breweries and large-batch homebrewers who want to roll out their signature creations in style. At Beverage Elements, we carry ½ barrel and ⅙ barrel Sankey kegs.

Be sure to check out our selection of parts and accessories to pick up a coupler for your new Sankey keg! If you have any questions about our homebrewing equipment or supplies, contact us. We can help you build the perfect setup for your delicious new brew.

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  • 1/6th Barrel Beer Keg

    1/6 Barrel Sankey ‘D’ Keg – Dual Handle – New


    1/6 Barrel – 5.25 Gallon Commercial Keg

  • 1/4 Barrel Beer Keg

    1/4 Barrel Sankey ‘D’ Keg – Dual Handle – New


    1/4 Barrel – 7.75 Gallon Commercial Keg

  • Beverage Elements Half Barrel Sankey Keg

    1/2 Barrel Sankey ‘D’ Keg – Dual Handle – New


    1/2 Barrel – 15.5 Gallon Commercial Keg

  • Stackable Half Barrel Sankey Keg

    Stackable 1/2 Barrel Sankey ‘D’ Keg – Dual Handle


    Looking for stackable kegs? Made with beverage-grade stainless steel, our 1/2 barrel stackable kegs have a 15.5-gallon capacity.

  • Sankey Cleaning Tank With 4 Beer Neck 18 Liter

    Sankey Draft Beer Cleaning Tank 18 Liter

  • Sankey Cleaning Tank

    Sankey Draft Beer Cleaning Tank 18 Liter Single Head

  • Beverage Elements Sankey D coupler

    Sankey D Coupler


    Party American style with a Sankey D coupler for your keg. This coupler is the tap of choice for the majority of US and Canadian kegs – get yours.

  • Sankey Keg Cap

    Sankey Black Keg Cap


    This Sankey black keg cap is made from plastic and is vented. Used for covering a keg bung on all standard size and style Sankey D commercial beer kegs.