Brewing Kettles, Pots & Fermenters

The best way to get great homebrew results right out of the gate? Start with the right gear. Instead of going with “some old brew pot left over from the 50s,” choose a shiny new brew kettle custom-designed with the capacity and function any serious brewer needs in mind.

Yeah, you read that right. At Beverage Elements, you can build your very own brewing pot setup by choosing a kettle, thermometer and other great add-ons like a bazooka filter or a mash paddle. It’s an incredible value for experienced brewers who know exactly what they’re looking for.

Still new to the world of brew? We have plenty of pre-designed stainless steel brewing kettles ranging from 8 gallons to 15 gallons for you to choose from. Get started below.

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  • Beverage Elements Brew Kettle Valve

    Brew Kettle Valve – Stainless Steel – Ball Valve


    Brew Kettle Valve 3-Piece Ball Valve made of stainless steel ball valve for your kettle. Includes all of the needed silicone o-rings and lock nut.

  • Beverage Elements Fast Ferment Carrying Strap

    Fast Ferment Carrying Strap

  • Beverage Elements Fast Ferment Ball

    Fast Ferment Collection Ball

  • Beverage Elements Fast Ferment Thermometer

    Fast Ferment Dial Thermometer


    The ferment thermometer goes with the fast ferment Conical Fermenter Kit. Easy to use accurate readings to monitor fermentation temperature.

  • Fast Ferment Fermenter Stand

    Fast Ferment Fermenter Stand


    Hold your Fast Ferment 7.9 Gallon Conical Fermenter Kit steady and ready with this fermenter stand made of durable powder coated aluminum.