New Ball Lock Kegs

Ball lock kegs are the most popular and most versatile kegs available for beverage use. They’re the ideal choice for home brewing, soda, cider, cold brew nitro coffee, or Kombucha tea, … as well as whatever your favorite drink may be.

Ball Lock Kegs

The great ball lock keg has many names: Cornelius (Corny) keg, soda keg, Firestone (Spartenburg) keg, etc. Regardless of what you call it, it’s the most affordable and flexible way to store and serve your drink. But which one?

In short, 2.5 gallon kegs are affordable, easy to carry, and a great start point. A 3 gallon keg blends capacity, value, and performance. And 5 gallon kegs are the only choice when you need serious storage (and, of course, the wow factor).

Cold Brew Coffee Kegs / Nitro Coffee Kegs

Part of the cold brew coffee movement? Ball lock kegs work equally well as cold brew and nitro coffee kegs, so go for it.  All our ball lock kegs have large lid openings for easy filling/cleaning and pressure reliefs for safety, as well as handles to make trips to and from the front of house easy.

New stainless steel ball lock kegs from AEB and Amcyl. Available sizes: 2.5 gallon kegs • 3 gallon kegs • 5 gallon kegs, all with single- and dual-handles The right ball lock keg for every homebrewer or beverage enthusiast.

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