Multi Keg Kit – Build Your Own

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Get it all at once!
• Two or more kegs
• Cylinder – CO2 or N2
• Regulator and manifold
• Disconnects and lines
• Swivels and hose clamps


Multi Keg Kit – Build Your Own

Our ball lock multi keg kit – build your own is ready for you, when you’re ready to go big but don’t want to spend all day assembling individual parts.

We’ve taken our inventory of great kegging and serving gear and turned it into a step-by-step process to assemble the massive keg kit of your dreams. Large or small kegs? Nitrogen or CO2? Need disconnects or already have them? We’ve got it all covered. Just scroll on down and click your way to extra-large, extra-awesome multi keg kit happiness.

Kit Components

Kegschoose from two or more of:

Gas cylindersyour choice of CO2 cylinders in new 5 lb. aluminum cylinder, new 10 lb. aluminum cylinder, new 10 lb. aluminum cylinder with handle, new 20 lb. aluminum cylinder; nitrogen cylinders in 20 cu. ft. steel or new 22 cu. ft. aluminum

Regulators: High-quality single-gauge or dual-gauge Taprite CO2 regulators or a dual gauge nitrogen regulator

Manifold: Brass two-way, three-way, or four-way manifolds with individual shut-offs – essential for distributing gas to all your kegs. Note: it’s recommended to have a manifold with at least one outlet for every keg you use. Makes sense, right?

Gas and Liquid Disconnect Sets: Choose any number of gas disconnects, in the correct style (ball or pin lock) for your chosen kegs

Gas Line:  5/16″ NSF-approved food-safe tubing, sold by the foot. Get enough to cover kegs to manifold(s) and manifold to  regulator

Liquid Line: 1/4″ NSF-approved food-safe tubing, sold by the foot

Barb Swivels: For threaded disconnects you need a barb swivel per unit to attach the line. 1/4″ use for 3/16″ liquid line; 5/16″ used for 5/16″ gas line

Hose Clamps: For clamping the gas and liquid lines throughout the kit


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