150 cu ft Nitrogen Cylinder – Steel – New


New 150 cu ft nitrogen tank in steel. Perfect for beer mix/G-mix use. A large capacity nitrogen cylinder that delivers exceptionally fresh beverages.

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New 150 cu ft Nitrogen Cylinder – Steel

This is a new 150 cu ft nitrogen tank with cranberry color rust-resistant paint plus a steel cap and collar. Perfect for beverages including nitro beer and nitro coffee. The tank with its CGA580 valves works for all inert gas use – nitrogen, N2/CO2 mixes, argon and more. When a little tank won’t do the job, step up to some serious size!

Premium Construction

  • High-strength steel construction
  • Thick, damage-resistant walls

Quality Features

  • Durable painted surface
  • New CGA580 valve for inert gas
  • Comes with a metal cap

Specifications, Testing, and Approvals

  • 7″ in diameter x 47″ in height (with valve)
    • Please note cylinder height may vary by +/- several inches due to various manufacturers.
  • 2216 PSI service
  • Date of manufacture or hydro test within 12 months
  • Recertification every 10 years
  • 3/4″ NGT inlet thread
  • Consistent TARE weight tank to tank
  • Performs well at low temps
  • DOT- and TC- approved
  • Ships empty
  • Cylinder color may vary – gray or cranberry

Other tanks for nitrogen in addition to argon and beer mix can be found on the nitrogen cylinder page.

Additional questions?  Check out our cylinder information page.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected].

Additional information

Weight 67.2 lbs
Dimensions 7.4 × 7.4 × 46.3 in


Gas Type

, ,

Included Valve

Service Pressure

Test Pressure



Product Notes

Note: do not remove the valve yourself! It takes special training and tools to remove and install a valve properly. We are unable to accept cylinders on return if the valve has been removed, altered,


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