Taprite Dual Body Nitrogen Regulator – Triple Gauge, Two Outlet


The perfect regulator to serve cold brew and nitro coffee from the same cylinder, or two kegs of nitro coffee or stout beer at once.

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Taprite Dual Body Nitrogen Regulator – Triple Gauge, Two Outlet

Our Taprite dual body nitrogen regulator is perfect for busy coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants, in addition to dedicated stout beer pourers. It’s the efficient way to pour more than one keg from a single tank, and one of our most requested items.

Need to serve low-PSI cold brew coffee from one keg as well as high-PSI nitro coffee keg from another? Maybe two styles of nitro-infused coffee from two kegs at once? Like to double up on your stout beer taps? Now you can, easy, fast and consistent. And no additional tank required.

Taprite dual body nitrogen regulator gives two separate gas outs from a single tank. The PSI for each outlet can be set on its own, giving you max flexibility for your beverage setup, regardless of what you’re drinking or pouring.

Regulator Features

  • Individually adjustable dual outlets
  • Precise and secure setting with screws and lock nuts
  • Separate shut-off valves for each outlet
  • Durable brass and steel construction
  • High volume gas flow for steady dispensing
  • Taprite quality and performance
  • Approved for use by all major beer distributors and breweries

Regulator Specifications

  • CGA580 inlet fitting
  • 0-60 PSI line output gauge
  • 0-3000 PSI tank gauge
  • 130 PSI +/- 4 safety blowoff
  • 0-120 PSI working pressure
  • Dual 5/16″ barbed outlets with shut-offs


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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 7 in


Gas Type


Service Pressure



Gauge Pressure Reading

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