5 Gallon Pin Lock Keg – Dual Handle – Reconditioned


Our reconditioned pin lock homebrew keg 5 gallon is a really great value on a solid drinking partner. Cleaned, sanitized, pressure-tested, and ready to keg!

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Reconditioned 5 Gallon Pin Lock Keg

Our reconditioned pin lock homebrew keg is the perfect affordable solution for home brewing and beverage making.  Pin locks are the alternative to the more-common ball lock kegs, and they have some unique features and benefits of their own.

First, the “pin” part refers to the method of attaching the disconnects to the keg posts. Pin lock kegs have (not surprisingly) pins on each post – two on the liquid, one on the gas. These pins hold the disconnects very securely, and because there’s two pins on the liquid side and three on the gas, you’ll never confuse one line for the other. Kinda cool.

Second, pin lock kegs are typically shorter than similarly sized ball locks, making them ideal when space is a little tight.

Finally, they’re cheap! These kegs give great bang for the buck without giving up anything in performance.

So go ahead and do something a little different. Grab a classic 5 gallon pin lock keg or three and stand out in the homebrew crowd. (Oh, and they’re also pretty great for cold brew coffee, nitro coffee, soda, Kombucha tea, and whatever else you’re drinkin’)

Reconditioned 5 Gallon Pin Lock Keg Features

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Dual rubber handles—colors will vary
  • Reconditioned – cleaned, sanitized, de-labled and pressure-checked prior to shipment
  • We replace the keg O-rings as necessary during testing. We still recommend that you keep a spare set on hand at all times, as O-rings sometimes crack in transit and when you clean the keg.
  • Great for homebrew beer, soda, and Kombucha tea, as well as nitro coffee and cold brew coffee

Keg Specifications

  • Keg body of 304 stainless steel
  • Approved by the NSF
  • 9″ diameter x 22″ height. Keg dimensions may vary slightly from wear.

This is a Class 1 keg. That’s the best condition used keg we offer, but please remember the keg is still used and will have some scratches, dents and signs of wear.  Read more about our reconditioned kegs here.

For more information, please see our keg information page.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 11.1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 22 in


Keg Lock Type


Built-In Pressure Relief




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