Cold Brew Coffee And Nitro Coffee Keg Kit – Dual Three Gallon Kegs


• Two 3 gallon ball lock kegs
• 60 cf aluminum nitrogen cylinder
• Dual-pressure, triple-gauge nitrogen regulator
• Dual tap tower with standard and nitrogen taps
• All lines and connections

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Cold Brew Coffee and Nitro Coffee Keg Kit – Dual Three Gallon Kegs

Complete cold brew coffee and nitro coffee keg kit in one, with everything to store and serve gallons of exquisite java. Serve both kinds of your exceptional brew at once from one tower and only one nitrogen tank!

Now’s the time to take advantage of the booming cold brew and nitro coffee trend. This kit makes it easy to get started pouring your own one-of-a-kind cold brew coffee as well as on-point nitro coffee with just one versatile and budget-friendly kit.

Your complete setup includes:

Dual Body Nitrogen Regulator

The heart of this cold brew coffee and nitro coffee keg kit is the nitrogen regulator. With three gauges, two outlets, and two separate pressure settings, it’s the key to delivering nitrogen-infused coffee at a higher pressure and cold brew coffee and a lower one, from just one tank. Plus, it’s made by Taprite, so you get quality and reliability to match your high standards for coffee and service.

Aluminum 60 cu ft Nitrogen Tank

If you want to move a lot of coffee, you have to have a lot of nitrogen—and this cylinder delivers. This 60 cubic foot capacity beauty is the largest nitrogen cylinder we offer. Plenty of nitrogen to fuel both kegs through the morning rush and all day long. Plus, of course, a handle for easy carrying.

Stainless Steel Dual-Outlet Tower with Standard and Stout Taps

The business end of this fabulous rig is a solid stainless tap tower with two outlets. The tower comes with one standard faucet and a top-of-the-line stout tap—easily switch to two low-pressure drinks or nitro coffee with just the change of a tap and pressure adjustment. This is the key to the trademark nitro coffee cascade and it’s essential for great coffee infusion. Sturdy tap boasts a diffusion disk inside the body, to distribute nitrogen evenly and effectively as you pour, in addition to being the only style of tap that can handle the much higher pressure of nitro coffee. Liquid lines come pre-attached to tap outlets, making assembly even easier.

Two Single Handle 3 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs

AMCYL’s kegs are famous for their quality, reliability, and value. This kit includes two 3-gallon ball lock kegs, for top brew storage size. Each 304 beverage-grade stainless keg also has a single handle for transport and a rubber boot bottom for stable storage.

All Lines and Connections

Gotta hook it up, right? The cold brew coffee and nitro coffee keg kit have it all. Two NSF-approved nitrogen gas pigtail lines, two ball lock liquid disconnects, and all necessary hose clamps for secure connections.

Nitrogen Infusion Lid – Sold Separately

Infuse nitrogen the professional way – from the bottom. This infusion lid has a separate gas inlet in the middle, leading to a length of NSF-approved food-safe line and a micro-diffusion stone. Nitrogen applied to the lid is bubbled into the coffee from the bottom, evenly infusing the brew and eliminating the need for keg agitation.

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Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in

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