Nitro Coffee Nitrogen Infusion Keg Lid with 0.5 Micron Diffusion Stone


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Nitro Coffee Nitrogen Infusion Keg Lid with 0.5 Micron Diffusion Stone

Here it is: the nitrogen infusion keg lid, the right way to get nitrogen into your nitro coffee.

One of the nitrogen-infused coffee hallmarks is that sweet cascade and great mouth feel only nitrogen can produce. But nitrogen isn’t like CO2—it doesn’t like to stay together with liquids. That leaves you a choice. You could shake and kick that keg under pressure throughout the day to put the nitrogen back into solution … but what are we, here? A bunch of cavemen, rolling kegs around?

No, we are sophisticated coffee connoisseurs. And we use a nitrogen infusion keg lid and let the gas do the work.

The lid is super easy to use. It replaces the existing oval-shaped lid on almost every Cornelius-style keg with a lid that has an additional ball lock gas post. The post leads to an internal gas line and ends at the key to the whole thing: a 0.5 micron diffusion stone.*

The stone delivers a fine stream of nitrogen into the coffee from the bottom of the keg, infusing it along the way. All without opening the keg. All without rolling it around on the ground. It just works.

Lid with O-ring includes a ball lock gas post, locking bale, and 22″ of gas line. Lid installation is as easy as removing the old keg lid and putting the infusion lid in its place. No modification required.

*Don’t forget to boil the diffusion stone for 3-5 minutes before using, to sterilize it and to remove any manufacturing residue. It’s the clean thing to do.

Please note: foot cover color may vary.

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