Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee Keg Kit – 40 cu ft and Ice Parka

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This Cold Brew Nitro Coffee Dual Kit comes with everything to serve gallons of delicious cold brew and nitrogen-infused coffee!

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Cold Brew Nitro Coffee Dual Kit – 40 cu ft. and Ice Parka

This perfectly mid-sized cold brew nitro coffee dual kit comes fully equipped. It is ready to brew a ton of cold brew and nitrogen-infused coffee. Get yourself a nitro faucet and swap it out from the stainless steel serving faucet provided, and BOOM!

You’ve got smooth, frothy, creamy nitro cold brew! No need to swap out lines and kegs, just a quick faucet change.

  • You can also keep it cool without a kegerator or cooler with the two included ice parkas. Perfect to not only serve chilled, but to protect your keg from dings and scratches. And they look good too!
  • Cold brew coffee is … hot … and we make it simple to get right into it. Professional-quality components at a price that lets everyone get to pouring the perfect cup (after cup).

This keg and serve setup has:

Dual Body Nitrogen Regulator

Low-pressure cold brew and high-pressure nitro coffee service – you’re good to go. The nitrogen regulator has dual gauges to keep an eye on your cylinder pressure setting and a keg contents. This fine regulator is a Taprite product—the beverage industry leader with legendary quality and reliability, and a perfect match for your own high service standards.

Steel 40 cu ft. Nitrogen Tank

This new steel 40 cubic foot steel nitrogen cylinder is a perfect blend; small enough to move easily, but also large enough to keep all the nitrogen you need on hand.

Single Draft Tower with Standard Faucet

You’ll make a great impression with every cup you serve from this Single Draft Tower Kit. This beauty is ready for a standard faucet (for cold brew) or you can upgrade and swap out to a nitro coffee faucet easily and quickly.

Two Single Handle 3 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs

Beverage lovers the world over know AMCYL kegs. Beverage-grade stainless steel, rubber boot bottom, pressure relief, single handle—full-featured and ready for work.

This kit has two of  3-gallon ball lock kegs, providing more than enough capacity to get you through a full day of great coffee service.

Keg Parka Jacket with Internal Ice Pack

Durable, insulating neoprene ice pack keg parka jacket for keeping your kegs looking (and feeling!) cool, as well as safe from dings and scratches.

Whether you’re at home or if the party is out and about, these smooth jackets will keep your homebrew kegs cold for hours.  The reusable, durable gel insert cooling pack keeps it extra cool for extra long!

All Lines and Connections

Getting it all connected is easy and secure; it’s all in the kit. An NSF-approved nitrogen gas pigtail line, a ball lock liquid disconnect, and all necessary barb swivels and hose clamps for a solid connection.

More cold brew coffee and nitro coffee keg kits are available here.

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