Nitro Coffee Mobile Party Keg Kit

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NitroKit 6
New 2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg
22 cu ft Aluminum Nitrogen Cylinder
Dual Gauge Nitrogen Regulator
Stainless Steel Nitrogen Stout Faucet
Disconnect Faucet Adapter

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Nitrogen Coffee Mobile Party Keg Kit

This is the latest and greatest in a travel-friendly nitro coffee mobile party keg kit! We’ve combined the best components in one complete package to accommodate the traveling coffee connoisseur.

Nitrogen infused coffee is the latest and greatest found in coffeehouses nationwide. Why limit yourself to only being able to enjoy this delicious beverage once in awhile and confined to the indoors, when you can carry it with you and share with all of your friends?

Every piece was selected to deliver great nitro coffee flavor and pour perfect cascading coffee all while keeping it cold on the go. Serving with limited room or at various locations? That’s no longer a problem with this easy to use, portable, fun-to-serve kit!

Our nitro coffee mobile party keg kit comes complete with all the highest quality parts to deliver rich coffee. You get a new 2.5-gallon ball lock keg, a new lightweight aluminum 22 cubic foot nitrogen cylinder, the necessary nitro coffee/stout faucet with built-in nitrogen distribution disk, and a custom-fitted neoprene keg parka to keep your brew chill for hours.

Nitro Coffee Mobile Party Keg Kit Includes:

Looking for the best way to nitrogen-infuse your brew? We highly recommend adding a nitrogen infusion keg lid with 0.5-micron diffusion stone. This is the perfect way to quickly infuse nitrogen into your brew from the bottom up in just 3-6 hours and keep that amazing cascade flowing!

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