Star San Sanitizer 16 Oz.


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Star San Sanitizer 16 Oz.

Star San keeps your brewing equipment fresh and clean. It is a high foaming, acid-based, no-rinse sanitizer that is effective and easy to use. Just run it through your system like you would running your favorite beverage, flush with water, and boom! Instant freshness due to it’s self-foaming ability allowing it to penetrate cracks and crevices.

It’s an acid-based no-rinse solution that’s strong yet non-toxic. Perfect for kegs, fermenters, and other brewing gear. Leaves ’em spotless in minutes. This cutting-edge sanitizer combines the power of an acid-based formula with the convenience of a self-foaming application, delivering exceptional cleaning and disinfecting results with minimal effort.

Unlike traditional sanitizers that emit strong odors, this product is odorless and flavorless, ensuring a pleasant user experience. Additionally, it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, protecting delicate ecosystems and maintaining a healthier planet. USDA-accepted.

Don’t risk your brew (or yourself) to less-than-spotless equipment. Grab some and make sure your gear is as clean as it can be.

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