Diffusion Stone / Air Stone, .5 Micron – Stainless Steel


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Diffusion Stone, .5 Micron

This micro-perforated diffusion stone, .5 micron is a fantastic to give nature a helping hand. Jump-start fermentation by getting much-needed oxygen into the wort and to your yeast fast and consistently. It’s also perfect for force carbonation of your brew.

1/4″ barb attached permanently to stone. Simply connect a regulated gas source (tank, oxygen pump with enough pressure) with 1/4″ food-safe tubing (not included) to the stone and diffuse away.

Easy to clean. Just boil before your next use and it’s clean and ready to go.

Dimensions: 1/2″ diameter, 1 7/8″ total length.

Also check out our 2 micron diffusion stone for those times when flowing a little more gas is your thing.

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Dimensions 1.852 × 0.512 × 0.512 in




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