Soda Machine Adapter


Connect your Soda Machine directly to a larger CO2 cylinder.

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Soda Machine Adapter for Cylinder to Machine

This Soda Machine Adapter allows you to connect your machine to a larger CO2 cylinder directly. No more wasted disposable mini bottles and no more running out of bubbly goodness when it matters the most!

Easy to install, use, and remove. Connect the pin valve directly into your soda machine and connect the nut of the CO2 end to your own carbon dioxide tank. Connect the quick coupler, open the valve on your cylinder and get ready for some amazing carbonated beverages made by … you!

When removing the adapter, make sure to close the valve on your CO2 cylinder, drain residual CO2 on your soda machine, disconnect the quick coupler and unscrew both ends of the adapter.

Adapter Features:

  • 50″ high pressure hose
  • Quick disconnect
  • CGA320 (CO2) outlet connection
  • TR21-4 thread
  • Flexible gas tubing W.P=630 Bar / B.P=1600 Bar
  • Includes O-Rings and washer
  • Made of beverage grade aluminum alloy, brass, and gas tubing
  • Compatible with Duo, Terra, and Art soda machines
  • For use with non-siphon tubed, gaseous CO2 cylinders, not liquid. Need one? Check out our great selection here.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in


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