3 Gallon Ball Lock Keg Stout Kit With 20 Cu. Ft. Nitrogen Cylinder And Regulator


New 3 Gallon Ball Lock Keg
20 cu ft Steel Nitrogen Cylinder
Dual-Gauge Nitrogen Regulator
Stainless Steel Tower with Stout Faucet and Handle
Gas and Liquid Lines

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3 Gallon Ball Lock Nitrogen Stout Beer Keg Kit

Serve rich homebrew stout with a custom stout beer keg kit. Our midsize stout kit gives you three gallons of homebrew capacity together with a high-quality nitrogen delivery system in a single easy-to-use package.

Kit features a new 3 gallon keg in addition to a complete nitrogen system with tank, regulator, and lines. Most importantly, this stout beer keg kit includes a top-of-the-line stout faucet – because you can’t pour good homebrew stout with just an ordinary faucet. Finally, an elegant stainless steel tap tower provides the perfect home for that awesome stout faucet.

All together, it adds up to one great way to deliver an awesome glass of stout.

Kit includes:

Need to serve more? Get our largest kit with a 5 gallon keg + 40 cu. ft. nitrogen cylinder, ideal for those who homebrew big.

Smaller? Our 2.5 gallon kit will be perfect for you.

Lighter? Try the 3 gallon kit with aluminum nitrogen cylinder.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

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Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 25 × 24 in


Gas Type

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