Homebrew Oxygenator Kit


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Homebrew Oxygenator Kit

Beverage Elements’ homebrew oxygenator kit give you total precision in oxygenation.


  • Liter-per-minute (1/32 LPM – 4 LPM) controllable flow rate regulator – know exactly how much you’re injecting
  • Tank pressure gauge on the regulator, in order to know how much oxygen is left at all times

Homebrew Oxygenator Kit Includes:

  • Refillable new 20 cu. ft. steel oxygen tank. Holds approximately 20 times as much O2 as a disposable tank as well as being good for approximately 500 batches of beer
  • 22″ stainless wand for precise positioning. Very sanitary, with no clamps, no loose parts, no rust and no contamination from your fingers
  • 2 micron stainless steel diffusion stone

The perfect addition to your home brew set up!  Easy to keep clean, easy to store and, of course, easy to use.

Questions? Email us at support@beveragelements.com

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 25 in

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