Wort Pump – High Temperature – Stainless Steel Head


Wort pump magnetic drive wort pump for moving wort, filtering, and more. The perfect wort pump for every brew system.

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Wort Pump – High Temperature – Stainless Steel Head

High-temperature magnetic drive wort pump high temperature stainless steel is the perfect way to transfer or chill your brew. This pump is the essential and easy way to move hot wort from boil to fermenter, transfer between kettles, and circulate chiller water. It’s also great for sparging and filtering use. No need to wait for cool down and/or haul kettles around.

Why a magnetic drive pump? Magnetic drive ensures that no bearings (and grease) get in contact with your nice clean brew.  This high-temperature wort pump can handle hot wort at temperatures of up to 248° F.

The 5 gallon per minute flow is perfect for all common brew kettle sizes.

The pump head and impeller are made of durable, food-safe stainless steel.  The pump has ½” female fittings on the inlet and outlet.

Compare and see —this is the best value in a high-temperature wort pump you’ll find anywhere.

Wort Pump Features

  • Built entirely of food-grade and high-temperature materials.
  • Stainless-steel head and impeller
  • 1/2″ fittings (female)
  • 5 gallon/minute flow
  • Handles liquid up to 248 degrees F
  • Not self priming

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