Nitro Coffee Keg Kit 2 with Aluminum Tank for Cold Brew Coffee

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NitroKit 2AL
New 3 Gallon Ball Lock Keg
22 cu ft Aluminum Nitrogen Cylinder
Dual-Gauge Nitrogen Regulator
Stainless Steel Tower with Stout Faucet and Handle
Gas and Liquid Lines

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Cold Brew Coffee/Nitrogen Coffee Keg Kit 2 with Aluminum Tank

This nitro keg kit has everything you need to serve up smooth cold brew and rich nitro coffee — with a lighter twist. The kit includes the same basic components as our 3-gallon kit, but with the added bonus of a 22 cu ft aluminum nitrogen cylinder. Lighter than steel for easy transport, this cylinder and kit would make shiny, good-looking additions to any bar.

With this kit, the style of java you serve is entirely up to you. Snappy cold brew coffee? You get a standard tap for easy, luxurious serving. Smooth nitro coffee? You also receive a state-of-the-art nitro coffee tap with an integrated diffusion disc. If this kit does one thing extremely well, it’s deliver creamy, perfectly infused nitro coffee every time.

This nitro tank and keg kit also provides an ample three gallons of coffee capacity, a high-end nitrogen delivery system, a stainless steel single tap tower and all lines and connections. You get everything you need to deliver cold brew and nitro coffee richness and flavor in one convenient kit. 

Nitro Keg Kit Includes:

This nitro keg kit is also available with a 20 cu ft steel nitrogen cylinder.

If 3 gallons is more than you need in your cold brew/nitro coffee setup, try our 2.5-gallon nitro cold brew kit.

Need to serve more? Get our largest kit with a 5 gallon keg and 40 cu ft cylinder, ideal for larger coffee shops and cafes.

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Dimensions 10 × 25 × 30 in

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