Nitro cold brew is the latest coffee craze making its way into local and large chain coffee shops all over the country. Many homebrewers with a passion for coffee have also added nitro cold brew to their docket of craft beverages. Whether you’re a coffee shop owner or someone who loves brewing for fun, adding nitro cold brew to the menu is a decision you’ll be happy you made. You just need the right brewing system to do it. 

How is Nitro Coffee Made?

What is it about nitro cold brew that gives it an elite status over other cold brews? NCB, as it’s sometimes abbreviated, is different from iced coffee in that it isn’t brewed hot and poured over a pitcher of ice — but it’s also different from regular cold brews, which are steeped in cool water for 12 to 24 hours, strained and chilled before serving. 

Nitro cold brew uses the same brewing process as regular cold brew, but is then infused with nitrogen gas bubbles, hence the “nitro.” Also, while cold brew and nitro coffee can be served using the same keg equipment, NCB requires a special nitro coffee faucet to infuse it with nitrogen for the trademark smooth, bubbly look and feel people love. Nitro cold brew takes on the appearance of a dark beer in your glass, with a gorgeous froth that accumulates on top. Many people don’t even need to add creamers or sweeteners because the flavor is already less bitter and acidic than hot coffee or other cold brews. It’s a sweet, creamy, luxurious cold brew straight from the tap.

What You Need to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home or In-Shop

Admittedly, making nitro cold brew at home is a bit of a space commitment. NCB and other cold brews are typically served out of a kegerator, which is essentially a mini fridge with a keg inside, a tap on top, and hookups for gas cylinders. If you have a decent amount of basement or garage space, you’re set! As for coffee shop owners, you’ll definitely want to make room for nitro cold brew equipment to not only flaunt it on your menu, but present an aesthetically pleasing pour to every customer who orders it. 

In order to make beautiful, great-tasting nitro cold brew you’ll need:

  • Cold Brew Kegs: Beverage Elements carries several new and refurbished stainless steel nitro cold brew kegs, ranging from 2.5 gallons to 5 gallons in capacity.
  • Nitrogen Tanks: Our reliable nitrogen gas cylinders come in 20, 22, 23, 40 and 60 cubic foot sizes, giving you a variety of options depending on how much nitrogen you plan to use.
  • Nitrogen Regulators: In order to infuse your NCB properly and accurately, you need to monitor the nitrogen levels in your keg. Our regulator gauges take care of that.
  • Kegerators: Store your keg, keep your nitro coffee cold and dispense it with style with a kegerator refrigerator! We also have dual tap options that allow you to serve both cold brew and nitro coffee. 
  • Nitro Coffee Dispensers: Whether you want a simple faucet or an epic tower tap, we have the perfect dispenser for your keg. You’ll also find gas and liquid lines designed specifically for nitro gas and cold brew coffee.
  • Nitrogen Infusion Keg Lids: Make nitrogen diffusion easy with one of our nitrogen infusing keg lids.
  • Keg Coffee Filters: Once your cold brew base is done steeping in water, use these filters to separate your brew from the beans and grounds. 

Beverage Elements also carries nitro cold brew coffee keg kits which give you all the components you need in one convenient, reasonably priced package. Because even in a highly-caffeinated state, it can take a while to find all the parts you need — and that time is better-spent brewing.

Find Everything You Need at Beverage Elements

Creating homemade nitro coffee is easy when you choose your supplies from Beverage Elements. Whether you’re a professional or a nitro cold brew enthusiast, we carry the high-quality products to help you make every batch a success. Get your kit today or contact our team of friendly homebrewing experts to talk all things brew.