Keg Lid with Built-In Pressure Relief – Pin Lock or Ball Lock


The perfect replacement lid for Cornelius-style ball-lock kegs, and a great upgrade for pin-lock kegs. The lid comes with built-in pressure relief.

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Pin Lock or Ball Lock Keg Lid

Yep, a new keg lid with built-in pressure relief for Cornelius-style pin lock OR ball lock kegs!

Imagine that. Pin lock users get manual pressure relief without buying a whole new keg. Ball lock folks get a great replacement lid.

So go ahead … add a little pressure relief to your ball lock or pin lock keg with our new Corny lid. If you’re still working without a pull pressure relief – maybe pushing something into the liquid connection to relieve the pressure – it’s really time to upgrade.

One high-quality stainless steel keg lid for Cornelius-style kegs with built-in manual pull pressure relief and new O-ring.

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Weight 0.5465 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4.64 × 1.38 in


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