16 Gram CO2 Charger Cartridges/Bulbs – Threaded – 6-Pack


Six pack of CO2 cartridges for handheld CO2 keg chargers. 16 gram cartridge fits all CO2 chargers with 3/8″ threaded connector.

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16 Gram CO2 Cartridges/Bulbs – Threaded – 6-Pack

Six 16 gram CO2 charger cartridges for handheld as well as other portable keg chargers. These nifty little charger cartridges deliver beverage-grade CO2 gas wherever you are. Easy to use: they thread right on to compatible soda or keg chargers.

They’re not just for drinking, either. They’re the perfect source of portable CO2 for a bunch of uses. Think tire inflation, gas tools, and mosquito traps, to name only a few.

These charger cartridges work great with our handheld keg CO2 charger.  And if you’re looking for something bigger, try our 74 gram CO2 cartridges instead. (Check for compatibility with your charger first)

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