Bronco Keg Hand Pump, Sankey D Connection


The Bronco keg hand pump for Sankey D connections. A great hand pump for American liquor store kegs, compact, powerful, and easy to clean.

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Bronco Keg Hand Pump – Sankey D Connection

The Bronco keg hand pump is the perfect combination of portability and durability. It’s the ideal companion to serve your brew anywhere. Keg hand pump fits kegs with Sankey “D” coupler (the liquor store-style, American keg connection). May have green or black handle.

The Bronco keg hand pump features:

  • High-volume air pump with maximum air delivery per pump
  • Lever-action tapping
  • Sturdy metal tapping base
  • Built-in “no foam” pressure relief vent
  • Complete with tubing and faucet
  • Rotating top for circle serving – never be on the wrong side of the pump again!
  • Easy disassembly and quick cleaning

Need a smaller pump? Check out the Pony keg hand pump. Need a bigger pump? The full-size stainless hand pump should fit the bill.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in
Pump fits




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