Create innovative homebrew mocktails for those participating in Dry January … or for yourself if you’re just sober curious in the health-conscious New Year. With a custom homebrew kit, you can build your own exclusive mocktail drink to wow your friends and your tastebuds. Or stick with a tried-and-true non-alcoholic beer. New Year’s Resolutions never tasted so good!

Nitrogenate or Carbonate? That is the question.

Nitrogen (N2) is an inert gas that creates a cascade visual effect that draws the eye. Not only is it ‘pretty to look at’, it does not react with other substances under normal conditions. This means it will not distort your beverage’s aroma or flavor. Nitrogen pushes your product through the kegging system as opposed to carbonating it. It also allows for a longer shelf life of your product, up to three months as opposed to the average shelf life of a carbonated product which is approximately two months.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) creates a bubbly experience for your drinks. Carbonation is the process of dissolving CO2 in a liquid under pressure. It is virtually tasteless and puts the fizziness you most commonly find in sodas and sparkling water.

How easy is it to serve my award winning mocktail?

Open your keg by removing the lid. Make sure your keg and brewing equipment is cleaned and sanitized to ensure no product leaching, cross-contamination, or bacteria is present. We recommend a non-toxic, food grade sanitizer such as Star Sans

Fill your keg with the mocktail of your choice. We are a huge fan of Mocktail (Moscow) Mules!

Replace the lid ensuring the lid is properly seated on the keg. Sometimes a little extra attention and some food grade keg lubricant are helpful, especially on reconditioned kegs. And ALWAYS have an extra set of O-Rings on hand in case they become worn out.

Connect the keg to your system and set your desired keg pressure (PSI). This is a plug and play process. Temperature, acid and sugar content, volume, etc. all play a role in correct PSI. We recommend starting at 45 – 60 PSI for carbonated drinks, 35 – 40 PSI for nitrogenated drinks.

Mocktail Kegging Equipment – Brewer’s Supplies

    • Keg Kit (beer brew kit, it’s not just for beer!) If you don’t want the labor intensive time investment of piecing together a system, we have you covered. With a wide selection of homebrew kegging systems from single to multi keg, varying size ranges, and amazing capabilities, you can find your perfect beverage companion with everything you need.

    • CO2 Cylinder Going the bubbly route? Our DOT and NSF approved cylinders are a great route. And with so many styles and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect accompaniment to your keg.

    • Nitrogen Cylinder Smooth and long lasting is more your style? No problem! We have a great select of nitrogen tanks as well that offer a great pour and double duty with their ability to hold either nitrogen or a CO2/Nitrogen blend (Beer Mix or G-Mix).

    • Regulator We carry a great selection of high-quality, name brand, industry endorsed regulators for both CO2 and Nitrogen. Single, Dual, and Triple gauge options are available so you can grow your homebrew kegging system as you discover just how fun and convenient it is making your own at home.

    • Accessories We carry everything you need to build the perfect mocktail keg kit. Towers, faucets, pigtails, and tubing for both nitrogen and CO2 systems. Want to serve both? Check out the Stainless-Steel Dual Tap Draft Tower with Faucets. Just add a nitro faucet (it comes with two standard) and voila! You are the mocktail master!

Want to serve it faster?

Our carbonating / nitrogenating lid has a 0.5 micron diffusion stone that provides a fine and evenly-distributed stream of CO2 or N2 into your beverage from the bottom up. No more rolling kegs and no more wasted time. This amazing lid replaces the current lid on your existing keg and easily permeates the entire contents of your keg in 3-6 hours as opposed to 2-3 days. Get the party started!

We hope to enhance your beverage experience and be your go to guys for the New Year! Whether that’s a relaxing morning cold brew coffee on a deck somewhere, cheering on our favorite team with a refreshing IPA or Lager, or celebrating a successful marathon goal win with a healthy non-alcoholic beverage, CHEERS to YOU! From your friends at Beverage Elements.