Two Way Gas Manifold / Splitter 1/4″


2-Way Compressed Gas 1/4″ Manifold has dual outlet, single inlet for multi-keg setups. Shut one outlet off without stopping the flow of the second.

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Two Way Gas Manifold / Splitter 1/4″

When you want to run two kegs from a single CO2 cylinder, a 2-Way compressed gas 1/4″ manifold is a great way to save time, space, and money. Plus you have the option to shut one outlet off without having to stop the flow of the second with the individual shut off valves.

  • The shutoffs have their own spring-loaded ball check valve so you know you’re not going to have liquid flowing back into the regulator, or from one keg to another.
  • High-quality brass construction with one 1/4″ barbed inlet, and two 1/4″ barbed outlets – each with its own shut-off.
  • Chrome-plated valves add to the quality of this great piece.

For even more multi-kegging goodness, see our three-way gas manifold or four-way gas manifold.

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Dimensions 4.748 × 3.27 × 1.812 in





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