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Sankey to Ball Lock Kegerator Adapter Kit


Sankey threaded stems and nuts
Threaded ball lock disconnects
Swivels, clamps, and washers

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Sankey to Ball Lock Kegerator Adapter Kit

Sankey to ball lock kegerator adapter kit lets you switch easily between Cornelius-style/ball lock kegs and American Sankey D kegs.

Go from your own homebrew to liquor store Sankey D kegs with the switch of two lines. The best of both worlds – enjoy your own brew while you have it, and switch over to the store-bought version while you’re brewing a new batch (or, y’know, if you’re having a lot of company and don’t feel like sharing the good stuff. You’ll still be the neighborhood rock star).

Sankey to ball lock kegerator adapter kit contains the parts needed to connect to standard Sankey ‘D’ couplers and to ball lock keg couplers.

Contains all necessary nuts, stems, washers and fittings:

  • Two beer stems, 1/4″ MFL
  • Two Sankey beer nuts, 1″ hex
  • Two Sankey washers, 1/2″ ID x 13/16″ OD x 1/8″
  • Beer line threaded ball lock disconnect (BLDGAST77)
  • Gas line threaded ball lock disconnect (BLDLIQB299)
  • 1/4″ barb swivel with 1/4″ nut for liquid line
  • 5/16″ barb swivel with 5/16″ nut for gas line
  • Two nylon washers for MFL connections
  • Two hose clamps

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