Brewing Thermometer – Bi-Metal – 2″ – Short Stem


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Short Stem Bi-Metal Brewing Thermometer – 2″ Stem

Bi-metal short stem dial brewing thermometer. The perfect way to bring precision to your brewing.

The thermometer has 14° to 212° F / -10° to 100° C range to suit every brew. Weldless threaded fitting for easy hook up in addition to easy removal for cleaning and sanitization.

Also available in a 6″ long stem version. Weldless fitting connects perfectly to the port in one of our great brew kettles (just sayin’).


  • 1.6″ probe
  • 304 stainless steel housing and probe
  • 1/2″ thread connection nut
  • Two silicone seals plus stainless washer
  • Calibration screw

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