Mash Paddle – Stainless Steel


Sturdy 30″ mash paddle. Ditch that cooking spoon and stir with a strong, effective paddle with perforated blade for grain pass-through.

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Mash Paddle – Stainless Steel

Mix mash or wort easily with our all-stainless steel mash paddle. This paddle is one great tool and the key to more consistent home brewing. Just a few pulls and you’ll have a good mix, fully wet grain, and no clumping in the mash bed.

Paddle is 30″ long.

Mash paddle has a perforated blade for full grain pass-through when stirring. The stay-cool, heavy-duty handle is long, comfortable, and strong to hold up to those heavy loads and intense brewing sessions.

Pair the paddle up with one of our outstanding brew kettles and make it a party. Available in economy 8 gallon, 10 gallon, 15 gallon, and jumbo 20 gallon sizes, there’s one for every brewer.

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Dimensions 30.417 × 5.595 × 0.997 in



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