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Sankey Keg Coupler Adapter Kit

This Sankey keg coupler adapter kit comes with both the liquid and gas posts to easily transition between Sankey and Ball Lock keg connections. Made of food grade, durable stainless steel to last use after use.

This Sankey to ball lock keg coupler adapter set allows you to switch your lines between commercial kegs and Cornelius home-brew kegs in seconds. It’s as simple as screwing the conversion fittings onto your Sankey coupler and then installing your ball lock couplers on the posts.

There are many advantages to this beyond just being able to switch back and forth between Sanke kegs and Corny Kegs. Probably the biggest advantage is you don’t have to mess with the tubing connections like you would on a standard Sanke conversion kit. Also, you don’t have to continually tap and untap the Sanke keg when switching back and forth. These Sankey to ball lock disconnects are the best solution for dispensing several beers you have on tap, at once.

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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in


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