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Siphon Tube Installation for CO2 Cylinders


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Siphon Tube Installation for CO2 Cylinders

Yes, we do siphon tube installation into CO2 cylinders!

Siphon tubes are used to refill smaller CO2 tanks from larger cylinders. For example, paintball cylinders, smaller CO2 tanks for Kegerators, home soda machines, as well as many others.

We will perform siphon tube installation in steel or aluminum CO2 cylinders 10 lb or larger.  You must order the tank at the same time through Beverage Elements. We only install tubes into our own cylinders.  Please allow 2 additional days for installation.

Note: You need additional external components to transfer CO2 to a smaller tank. We don’t carry those parts, and we can’t confirm what items are necessary to complete the refill. Please make sure you have the correct parts, knowledge, and skill before attempting to refill any gas cylinder.

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